Snooker Room
     A visionary’s dream of Management headed by our beloved Principal COL R Alagarraj, has come true at SAINIK SCHOOL PUNGLWA campus as ‘SCIENCE PARK’. The painstaking effort to give an educative Science Park to the campus has now been successfully materialised. The park will now make learning fun, easy and simple for children to comprehend. The Science Park instils curiosity and interest for all learners. It is an ideal place for learning science effortlessly and effectively. Today, this Science Park is one of the major attractions of this school and a fabulous learning centre for students.
Science Park
Creativity Room
          The aim of creating Creativity Room is to bring out the creativity and artistic talents of the cadets and also to share their artistic ability. Creativity Room (Art room) is designed to inspire the young talents. Fine Art technique is taught by using a verity of mixed media. Including lessons in painting, drawing, sculpting, collage, printmaking and up cycling. It is the step to find out the latent talent in the children in the field of drawing, painting, designing and craft making and also help the children to explore and find various aspects of art and design on their own during their free time.
      Education, infrastructure development, and democratisation of the media are the three key sectors on which the progress of any society depends. Most developed make massive investments in the educational sector, resulting in a robust and innovative education system Similar revolution is unfolding in Sainik School Punglwa. The school individual classrooms are connected to the TeachNext Application through CCC via a local area network (LAN). The Server platform does not only make the entire school "future-ready," it also offers advanced features such as, Internationally acclaimed content, Interactive content creation, Student assessment and Management reporting.
      School has one Computer Lab well equipped with latest computer hardware & software configurations. All the computers are connected to a dedicated server through LAN. Computer educations is provided to all the cadets. To generate further interest in computers, the students are encouraged to utilise computer Labs in their spare time. Office Package and software program is also being install in each PCs for better and smooth conduct of the class.
Computer Lab
        The school has a rich library containing a number of books of different subjects and of eminent authors. Apart from text books, a variety of reference books on each subject is also available and by consulting them students & teachers can update their knowledge. Provisions of a separate reading room is also available and a no. of periodical journals and newspapers are also provided to the students.
School Gym Room
Cadet Mess
Conference Room
BSNL Tower
Indoor Stadium
Outdoor Stadium
Academic Block
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Chemistry Lab
Physics Lab
Biology Lab