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    The Purpose of Ramanujan Math Club is to develop students' level of Math skills and knowledge. It is intended to create the interest in learning of Mathematics and shatter the fears in Mathematics among the Students. This will be accomplished by using games, activities, and mock competitions. Students will cooperatively work to complete Logic and Math Puzzles. Math Club will support classroom learning, enrich their skills with higher order thinking, and prepare students for future Math Competitions.
Mathematics is a coherent, consistent, and growing body of science which makes use of a specific language and skills to model, analyze, and interpret the world. Mathematics provides a means of communication which is concise, and powerful. The Mathematics club provides opportunities for students to:
o develop the skills of presentation and critical appraisal of a mathematical argument or calculation, use mathematics to explore and conjecture, and learn from mistakes as well as successes.
o develop the characteristics of logical and systematic thinking, and apply these in mathematical and other contexts, including other subjects of the curriculum;
o become confident and competent users of information technology in mathematical contexts; o develop the skills and confidence to use their own language, and the language of mathematics, to express mathematical ideas;
o develop the knowledge and skills to interpret written presentations of mathematics.

"Science Is Curiosity In Thoughtful Action About The World And How It Behaves."
    The aim of Science Club is to nurture the Sainik School Cadets of class VI-X to generate interest in science subject as in our school at higher secondary level only science stream is available which is mandatory for NDA. Science Club in Sainik School Punglwa explores the ideas of young and energetic brains and facilitates the learning of junior cadets in an open environment out of classrooms. Science Club aims at generating interest and developing the latent potential of cadets in the field of science to the maximum.
    An activity like how science is useful in our daily life, the practical aspects of science through various experiments / demonstrations invokes interest of cadets in having inclination and curiosity of science subject. Different club activities are organized by club I/C, Miss Roopa Bhati (PGT-Chemistry) and Mrs. Moumita Adhikari (TGT-Science) on every Friday between 1600-1700 hrs with a group of 22 cadets on rotation basis.

    Tagore English Literary Club was named after the great Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore who was a creative genius in literature. Since in the modern era English language has become an international language which embraces many departments of knowledge and opens a window of opportunities in different walks of life; it is the requisite of an individual to learn and master this language.
    Tagore English Literary Club facilitates the cadets, to understand the spoken and written language, encourages them to speak the language and develop their abilities. It aims to improve and extend their range of competence and their use of communication strategies in the English language.
To enable the cadets the proficiency of the language, different club activities are carried out focusing on major aspects of learning English such as -
(a)    Skill: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing.
(b)    Concept: Grammar, Pronunciation, Phonics & Vocabulary.

   Since its inception on 28th December 2007, horseback riding is an integral part of extra curricular activities in the school. In olden days horseback riding was considered a princely sport and was considered widely a sport that people of any age can participate in. Horses have always been believed to be the symbol of courage, speed and strength while for the riders it is confidence, synchronization and aspiration which play a vital role when striding to ride high. Punglwains are privileged to have a full fledged Equestrian Club locally name  as BS Rathore Horse Riding Club. The name has its genesis from The Founding Principal Col. BS Rathore. "Let the weak become strong"  being the motto, the club encourages non  club members too. The teacher Incharge of the club is Mr.Haokholen, TGT Social Science and he is Assisted by Mr.L Sunil Singzh, TGT Maths.

    This is one of the twelve clubs in the school. It is by far the most enviable club particularly for the cadets.
The aims and objectives of the club are : To promote bicycling as an aid to general fitness, to promote, support and train potential competitive cyclist in the community and to organize safe racing events for the purpose. To assist other organisations in the municipality in safe cycling activities and the most important purpose is to encourage cycling for individual health and happiness.
    A Cycling club is a society for cyclists. It can be local or national, general or specialised. Cadets of the School get knowledge of cycling and the various parts and function of the cycle. They learn alertness on the roads and safer cycling tips for cyclist. A bicycle is the most popular and widely used non motorized vehicle. ALL the Cadets learn traffic rules in this club. We organise cycle expeditions to enhance the spirit of adventure and to inculcate self reliance, confidence, discipline and leadership qualities. As of now there are 23 Cadets in the club from  class VIII, IX and X under the guidance of Mr Sunil Kumar and Mrs Sangeeta .

    The history of archery can be traced back to the ancient civilization, when bows and arrows were used as a weapon to hunt wild animals and used in a  warfare. Present Archery is the art, sport, practice or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows. Now a days it is mainly a competitive sport and recreational activity. Archery is fitness activity that benefits areas are from muscle development to mental health. Concentrating during archery practice can helps to learn an archer to  focus better in other areas of life too. The sport archery requires precision ,control,  focus, physical ability and determination.  The Sainik School Punglwa had introduced archery club from 11th july 2014 as a hobby club. Now it had a well equipped with various Archery items. At present Club have been 35 existing members along with two I/c .The main aim of the archery club are
(i)    To motivate the cadets to take archery as a hobby.
(ii)    To develop shooting skills
(iii)    To make them expert in same discipline for future competition.
(iv)    To make mentally and physically fit.
(v)    It helps a shooter establish a good sense of coordination.

       Shooting Club is a skill based sport, where consistency, accuracy and concentration are the key features.
Shooting Club actively is organised every Friday. The club has 30 members from different houses under the guidance of Mr Henminlal and Mr Khogendro Ahanthem.
    Shooting Club was organized in order to develop :
    1.    Physical Discipline, Focus, Eyesight, Concentration, Adrenaline, Courage & Confidence.
    2.    To gaining stamina and strength.
    3.    Hand-eye coordination and motor skills
    We teach cadets the safety rules and regulations of the club too:
    1.    Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
    2.    Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
    3.    Never point a firearm in fun or jest.
    4.    Keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
    5.    Know your target and what is beyond it.
    6.    Keep the firearm unloaded when not in use.

    Photography Club is one of the most vibrant clubs of our school. It is also one of the oldest clubs of the school and has been there since the establishment of the school. At present the club has 16 members. The club is in possession of two DSLR Cameras and one Video camera. It is a form of art which can enable even the uneducated to get the idea or message of the event concerning about which the photo has been taken.
The members of the club are taught to click photos using various modes such as Close - up mode, Portrait mode, Flash off mode, Sports mode, CA mode, Auto mode etc.The club members gets an opportunity  to click photos during various occasions such as School Foundation Day, Annual Sports Meet, Motivational Trips, VIP's visits, Games and sports events etc.
The Club has so far clicked more than 50,000 photos and contributes immensely for the  school annual magazine, Sainik School Society Calendars, VYWOM etc.

Art Club is a place where students who are interested in art can come togather and hang out . Students will be able to interact with other students who shares the same interest in Art, work on different art projects, and participate in community service activities. Art Club members meets every Friday after school at Creativity Room.
Students who have an interest in art should join the club because the club is a platform to interact who share similar interests. By joining, students can also increase their community service hours and participate in charitable causes. It is open to all no matter what grade they are, any one can join the Art Club. The art work done in the class is usually an assigned project but the Art Club provides students the time to do artwork of their own choice.
To build aesthetic awareness and develop artistic and creative abilities. To develop confidence and interest in the members. To be be a responsible and concerned citizen who contributes back to the society aesthetically and to develop a strong sense of care, appreciation and empathy in society . Having an Art Club is a great way to keep students involved throughout the year. With limited time in the classroom, Art Club can serve as a nice supplement for those students who can't get enough art. An Art Club also allow you the opportunity and freedom to try new things with students.

       Music is undeniably part and partial of the human society.  The beat of the heart is more than words.  Life begins with that inner music and ends when this music stops.
The school has a music club. The club caters to the learning of some basic skills in playing musical instruments such as guitar, drum kit and piano for about 20 students.  However for those good in one of these, the club is a platform for refining their talents.
Unlike other clubs, this club by its very nature develops multiple skills of the child.  The students not only learn but also enjoy the melody and find relaxation.  Researchers have it, that,  as children play, enjoy and relax in the world of music, their memory, language skill, IQ and temporal skills are developed.   Music is therefore more than music and the music club is something more than what meets the eyes.
"I can't imagine a more powerful tool for growth and development in children.  As an educator, and now as a parent, I think music is an essential element in child's life."